Summer, 2016

I took a one week cruise with my family, touring different parts of Alaska. The cruise was perfect for our family, which included two of my little cousins.

The cruise ship took off from a Seattle port, where we were able to see the entire Seattle skyline as we went towards Aalska. Between Seattle and the first stop, we went through Alaska's Inside Passage, which is a well known scenic boat route through a lot of seemingly untouched land. It was truly beautiful to look at, espeically because we were the only ship on the water at the time so it seemed as if we were completely isolated.

Our first port stop was Juneau, where we toured around the city for a little bit. Then, we went to go see Mendenhall Glacier, and learn about how far back it has receded in just recent years. There was a lot to learn about the glacier, and a full viewpoint and exhibition to explore when we were there.

Our next port stop was Skagway. Here, we mostly focused on exploring the diverse city, and watched a live show on lumberjacks. It was really fun and intriguing to see how difficult it was to actually chop woods, compared to how I cut trees down in Stardew Valley.

Our last port stop was Ketchikan, where we again explored the city and enjoyed the forest through a short train ride through the mountains.

On the way back, our cruise ship went into a little passage to see a another glacier directly from our room. This was a remarkable site, as it was early in the morning when the light was still soft. We also saw many other tourist boats along the way. Unfortunately, due the size of our ship, we couldn't get very close to it. However, it was still amazing to be able to admire the wonder from afar.