Winter, 2018


My grandparents live in Delhi, which is why it was always where we went to visit in Inida. Rarely would we ever explore the city, because instead we would be spending time with family inside the house. This time we decided to explore the city a little bit. Driving around was similar to experiences I've always had coming from the airport - always a crazy amount of traffic. Even getting anywhere even 2 miles would take 30 minutes even, so we decided to stay somewhat close to our grandparents house.

The first place that we visited was Qutub Minar, which apparently is the tallest brick tower in the world. Its in an older complex with many other buildlings. There were many engravings and scriptures embedded in the tower, walls, and different bricks which were really interesting to look at. Afterwards, we visited the Big Sikh temple, which was super crowded. I really enjoyed looking around and thinking about the culture.