San Francisco


I heard a great deal about Chinatown before I visited. All of them just made me want to visit Chinatown more and more.

The first time I visited was on Chinese New Year, which was an amazing experience. The streets were bustling with people. Occasionally, you could see sparklers being set off I n the middle of the street. There was a big parade down the main street, with loud drums and music.

The second time I visited, there were no celebrations. However, I didn’t feel like there was a lack of activity at all. I still experienced the vivid colors of the town - from the murals on the wall to the bright red lanterns. Many stores lined the streets offering different Chinese goods and various kinds of foods.

Despite all this activity, there were many quiet streets which were well decorated but still quiet, which is where we decided to take pictures.

A great place we went to after was the cookie fortune factory. It’s in a small alley, but once you find it it’s definitely worth it. Inside, you see people shaping the cookies and laying out the ingredients from scratch. They offer free samples, so you can truly taste what a fresh fortune cookie tastes like.