Summer, 2019

Pike Place Market

For what I thought to be a lazy Saturday, I got up at 12:30 and walked over to Pike Place to meet one of my friends at Pike Place Chowder and wait for half an hour. The entire time in my head I was praying that the wait was worth it. It really was - the original clam chowder, seafood bisque and lobster rolls were amazing. We even took some sourdough bread to go for some snacks later.

After words, we walked through the buildling of all the shops, looking at what different things merchants were selling. Many of them gave an abundance of free samples - we tried so many different things. One time, we were walking along the sides of the walkway to try and go faster through the crowd, and one of the merchants handed us a huge slice of peach. It was delicious, and we got sucked in as he continued to give us samples of strawberries, cherries, and dried mangoes. Then there was another stand where we stood in front of a bowl of bread, and there was a rotating dolly of at least 30 different dipping sauces. We tried all of them.

After all of the different kambucha trying, with dried strawberries and honeys and jams, we went to the first Starbucks and waited in line for 30 minutes. Was it worth it? Definitely not. But at least now I get to say that I did it and I went there. Then we met my friends roommate, and we walked around to different places and just took some pictures.

Afterwards, we went to Serious Pie, which was SO overpriced for the thinnest pizza of my life. I didn't really get it, but oh well - its the Seattle experience they say? Overall, fun day.