Summer, 2019

Poo Poo Point

Originally our plan was to go to Mt. Rainier, but given Seattle's amazing weather and snow nearing the end of May, we decided to save it for later in the summer. Instead, we decided to go to this hiking point in Issaquah called Poo Poo Point. The first time I saw it in the gorup text, I thought that it was a joke. Turns out its a real thing.

Its not too far from Seattle and the drive along the way was nice. However, finding a parking spot was pretty difficult given that it was Memorial weekend and all of the spots were taken up pretty much. However there was a pretty good parking lot across the street a little bit down that was near empty and was only $5 to park.

As it turns out, the original plan was to go on the High School Trail, however the parking lot led us straight to the Chirico Trail, which was much shorter but also much steeper. Turns out it was actually pretty hard, and after a couple of hours we reached the top.

Lowkey the view was nice but not incredible, I feel like there were defintely better hikes that Seattle has to offer. However it was really relaxing to sit up top and ust enjoy our surroundings while enjoying our squished Subway sandwiches. Oh, and some of us pee peed at Poo Poo point :)

The hike down was much easier but pretty tough on my knees and ankles. But along the way there were so many cute dogs, from the tiniest ones to giant huskies. Its surprising to see how many people bring their dogs to their hikes in Seattle, as I never really saw it much in California.